“Venus at a Mirror” We are but spectators of art, valuing and revaluing art and its composition, form, colour and space that it enfolds. With the given title, we are drawn into the ethereal dichotomy, taxonomy or could it be trichotomy between antiquity, social media and diversity (the perception of the Venus Figure vis-à-vis as…


Ultimate Luxury accommodation, a paradise to discover in the heart of the Winelands.



Anselm Kiefer – Cultural Healing through Memory

Cultural Healing/Heritage through Memory This paper examines the artist Anselm Kiefer, and the notions of memory as heritage within the work produced by him.  It is therefore suggested that exploring the values and meanings associated with Kiefer’s art works in this way within contemporary society provides valuable insight into the complex relationships of art, memory…

A Burial of Romanticism – Gustave Courbet

Courbet and Schiller:  A Burial of Romanticism In this paper I am going to discuss the revolutionary French painter of the 19th century, Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet through the notion of aesthetic and political freedom, as restated by the German philosopher Friedrich von Schiller in his Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Mankind (1793-4).  Due…

Nicolas Poussin – The Age of Reason

Nicolas Poussin and the Age of Reason This essay aims to demonstrate Nicolas Poussin’s role as one of the key figures in the foundation of the French Academy.  Through an analysis of his paintings Israelites gathering Manna in the desert, Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well, and The Judgment of Solomon specifically, we see the key fundamental ideas…

Nikolaos Lytras

The Mediterranean ‘light’ on canvas versus physical reality.