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The beautiful city of Cape Town is one of South Africa’s biggest and most popular cities and the gateway to an excellent safari destination. Just two and a half hours from the bustling city lies Inverdoorn Game Reserve, the largest game reserve (10 000 ha) in the region (Klein Karoo).


With an abundance of wild animals, including the Big 5, Inverdoorn is the natural choice for discerning travellers seeking a unique safari experience that places emphasis on conservation and the rehabilitation of wildlife. Being so close to Cape Town, the game reserve is easily accessed via clearly marked roads that meander through mountain passes and winelands.



Inverdoorn is the only game reserve close to Cape Town that offers intimate encounters with tame cheetahs.  The cheetah rescue and rehabilitation centre has been central to the game reserve’s success and growth over the last ten years and is currently home to 14 cheetahs.  The centre is dedicated to protecting the species, which is one of the most vulnerable big cats in Africa.


The fastest land animal on Earth, the cheetah is notoriously difficult to breed in captivity; but the staff work tirelessly to create the optimal environment in which the cheetahs can thrive and, to date, two cheetahs have been born at the centre.  Visiting the site is a special addition to your safari experience and unique to Inverdoorn –  a stone’s throw away from Cape Town.

NOTE: Cheetah interactions are subject to the right weather conditions and booking. If guests are traveling to the game reserve with children under the age of 16, for their safety, they will not be able join you when interacting with the cheetah.  Babysitting services are available if required.


With two rescued elephants introduced in 2012 and two cheetahs from the rescue and rehabilitation centre released in 2013, the reserve is thriving.  Inverdoorn has achieved its conservation aims of reintroducing endemic species back into the region and allowing them to roam free as nature intended.  The team continues to work determinedly to rescue more animals and release the other cheetahs too.


The game reserve and cheetah centre is located in the beautiful Ceres Karoo, a region teeming with life of all forms. A large variety of endemic plant species, including a plethora of succulents, capture the imagination with their intriguing shapes and evolutionary adaptations, making the Karoo worth a closer and more intimate look.

The road to this amazing region will see travelers hit Route 62, the longest wine route in the world.  En route to the safari lodge, or back to Cape Town, are a number of secluded pit stops where you can enjoy the best local produce the region has to offer.

Through luxury accommodation, thrilling game drives and an amazing experience with cheetahs.



Looking for lions is the most popular part of any Big 5 safari, Inverdoorn’s beautiful male and two females do not disappoint.  The ranger will locate them and park at a safe distance from where you can observe them.  Along the way the other members of the Big 5 – the elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard could be encountered as well as a multitude of other game such as zebra, oryx, wildebeest, eland and springbok.  The late afternoon safari will conclude at the cheetah sanctuary where you will enjoy light refreshments and snacks while watching the cheetahs be put through their paces at the sunset training runs.  The cheetah rescue and rehabilitation programme is the heart and soul of Inverdoorn.  To date, 14 cheetahs have been rescued, two of which are tame.  Two of the wild cheetahs have been released into the main part of the reserve, raising the cheetah experience at Inverdoorn to an unmatched level in the region.

As the sun sets on a perfect safari spent in the company of the Big 5 and  the cheetah, you will return to the lodge to freshen up for dinner.

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Waking up before dawn on a cold Karoo morning is easy when embarking on an exciting Big 5 safari. A hot boma fire will me made for guests to warm up with before the safari begins.  Remember to bring along a warm layer of clothing as early mornings in an open safari vehicle can be chilly.  The rangers supply guests with a blanket should the need be for it.

The safari gets underway as the first rays of the sun peep over the distant horizon.  A myriad of game dots the vast expanse of the Karoo plains. Your first sighting could be a herd of zebra or the female rhino with her calf enjoying the first drink of the day.  The buffalo herd with the impressive dominant male is also a popular sighting on safari.  Next you’ll be on your way to the dam to look for the hippos that wallow in its waters.  Viewed from a lofty vantage point it is fascinating to watch these hefty creatures leave their aquatic home to enjoy the rich feed provided for them.

You could spot a herd of giraffe browsing amongst the trees.  If the conditions are right, a unique opportunity to walk with the giraffes might present itself.  You will be mesmerised as the large herd passes within metres of where you are standing, before striding  off into the wide, open expanse of the reserve.

Your safari experience will be capped by a hearty breakfast back at the lodge, but not before you drive back in the safari vehicle and head off in search of more game on the return drive.



Kuganha consist of three 66 square metre luxury tents that are surrounded by incredible landscapes and wildlife.  The name originated from the Mozambican dialect, which means Victory.  Guest can look forward to exclusive, private tailor made safari experiences as well as flexibility of the itinerary.  Priding itself in creating personalised safari tented camp experiences, or simply relax around the pool, watching various wildlife roam freely.

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Inverdoorn’s prime luxury accommodation option is the five-star Ambassador Suite. Subtle Asian influences blend with a distinctive South African elegance, earning the suite its luxury stamp. With splendid views from a private roof terrace, the Ambassador Suite is ideal for honeymoons and romantic getaways.

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The five-star Luxury Chalets, featuring communal roof terraces, offer guests the chance to enjoy a calm night contemplating the starry sky.  Catering for couples or two singles sharing. All guests’ needs are met in this stylish, luxury accommodation choice.  Each Ambassador chalet has an en-suite bathroom with a shower and corner-bath for relaxation, as well as bathrobes and fresh towels every day. Communal rooftop terraces provide breathtaking views of the Ceres Karoo.

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Extra features include: Satellite television, air-conditioning and fully-stocked honesty bars; while private patios ensure guests unwind in tranquility.  Each overnight includes: Two safaris, including all meals (Excluding drinks).  Various wildlife, including the big five roam freely across the sprawling 10 000-hectare game reserve, which is home to one of the most prominent Cheetah rehabilitation centre within the Western Cape. The chance to meet one of our tame cheetahs* is included with a stay in a Ambassador chalet.

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Inverdoorn Game Reserve is an oasis in the heart of the Karoo and each of its seven, four-star Tankwa Chalets offer comfort and ease.  All Chalets have private verandas, which overlook the succulent cactus Garden. The rooms have a romantic charm with wood-burning fireplaces, as well as air-conditioning. Other features include: Fully-stocked honesty bar, tea and coffee station and a safe. Fresh towels, supplied daily, and bathrobes are an added benefit of the en-suite shower rooms.

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Inverdoorn Safari is now offering a Lodge Rooms overnight stay for travellers wanting to reach both afforability and luxury safari. The newest Inverdoorn accommodation provide a fancy Lodge Room with fireplace, modern bathroom with shower, TV, veranda.

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Inverdoorn Game Reserve offers many different facilities:

  • Swimming pool
  • Braai (barbecue) area
  • Dining area
  • Two bars
  • TV lounge
  • Curio shop

A mere two-&-a-half hour drive from Cape Town, Inverdoorn Game Reserve.


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