Kersefontein Guest Farm

‘Romantic Heritage’

Kersefontein Guest Farm could be considered the South African – Downton Abbey of the West Coast.  Exquisite furnishings and decor embellishes this blissful estate, set alongside the Berg River.  Kersefontein is nestled between the Velddrif and Hopefield.  Getting there from Darling is pretty easy by following the R45 to Hopefield and then a further 14km’s towards Velddrif.


History:  originally purchased by settler Martin Melck in 1770, the story of Kersefontein is very much the story of the Melck family.  Starting with the remarkable success of settler Martin Melck, the history of the family has always been closely interwoven with that of Kersefontein.

The first deed described the farm as a ‘zeker Veepost’ (certain cattle post) and it was precisely for this that Martin Melck intended to use it. Sheep, cattle, horses and wheat have continued to flourish here over the past two centuries.


The eighth generation owner Julian Melck continues with these traditional farming activities and has contributed the subtle and careful changes to a number of farm buildings, to accommodate visitors.

The great attics of the farm have yielded fine period antiques, which were carefully restored and now grace the luxurious guest suites.

Guests are invited to enjoy Kersefontein’s unique and romantic heritage, while host Julian Melck will be your guide, both to the fascinating history of his family, and the prevailing setting for it all, which is Kersefontein.


Kersefontein Guest Farm holds eight gorgeous rooms that are dressed in either African or Victorian decor.

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Images credited to Kersefontein Guest Farm