O’Live To Travel (Pty) Ltd goes beyond the term Luxury, we stride towards:

‘Your’ Lifestyle in Travel


Curating the Art of travel.  As a Travel Concierge, Wholesaler and Independent Tour Operator you are able to book your journey with hand-picked accommodations, car hire or classic car hire, luxury coach or sprinters.  The choice is yours between Bespoke tours, Self-drive Tours (Tailor-made samples for Southern Africa, East Africa and The Mediterranean) with meticulous attention to detail & Scheduled Overnight Tours (samples for seat-in-coach/ferry for Greece & Southern Africa). – Your Personalized Tour Guide & Travel Concierge –

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We Find The Solution to Travel

The Art & Cultural aspects are inter-woven allowing for a truly authentic journey compiled by your travel consultant and concierge – designing and building your Itinerary and travel arrangements all-year-round.  Understanding the art of Art Curating and how it applies to Cultural Tourism.

O’Live To Travel embodies the ideology of ‘celebrating life’ – the tree of life – with the intention of designing and fulfilling your lifestyle when traveling abroad or locally.  The Olive tree and its fruit have been cultural symbols since the 8th millennium BC, with the ethos in offering more than just nourishment, as it has proven for centuries to heal, embalm, preserve, nurture and beautify our lives.

These elements are what hold true to O’Live To Travel, as it lies at grass-root level to personal heritage and understanding of cultural values as your personal Tour Guide in South Africa.

About the owner: Being raised in both Southern Africa and Europe with strength and development in Southern Africa and The Mediterranean, has innately unified the expertise in the art of travel for Africa and the Mediterranean basin.

Scan_20160325 (2).jpg

Having studied and worked in both the travel industry since 1994 (Photographic Safari Specialist / Senior Incentive Consultant) and as qualified art historian (BA Distinction – The American College of Greece, Athens; attended an MA for Cultural and Art Management, The Netherlands) has raised a platform to curate and consult the expertise and network of principal suppliers within travel, art history and archaeology towards the discerning traveler as your local Tour Guide and Travel Manager.

Culture and heritage is therefore the underlying thread bringing the senses to a state of harmony – with the expert advise and travel management for those that seek a celebration of life, as opposed to mere travel services.


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All rights reserved. E&OE.

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  1. WHISP by Adri says:

    Absolutely Fabulous Demetri!!-am so proud of you:))xxSussie

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    1. Thank-You Sussie … Ditto to you – love your new prints / designs xx


  2. Gerhard Van Straten says:

    Can’t wait for you to plan all my travel arrangements 😉


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