Inyati Game Lodge is situated on 65,000 hectares in one of the world’s largest and most prestigious private conservation areas, the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, adjoining the renowned Kruger National Park.  The perennial Sand River runs through Inyati.  At night, wildlife sounds fill the star-studded sky.  Lions roar, jackals howl and hyenas laugh.  African drums respond.


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The game drive activities at Inyati are by qualified, passionate and knowledgeable guides and trackers.  With over 10,000 hectares (24 700 acres) of traversing wilderness, no two game drives are ever the same. Shangaan trackers sit up at the front of the safari vehicle looking for fresh animal tracks, while guides drive with amazing skill into ravines and through bush thicket in pursuit of elusive animals, simultaneously wowing guests with their knowledge and unforgettable stories.  Don’t forget your camera (telephoto lens recommended) and binoculars.



Open safari vehicles, seating between 6 and 10 visitors, head out into the wild under the expert guidance of experienced guides and insightful trackers.

Guests are able to get in close contact with Africa’s most exciting wildlife species, and are presented with unparalleled photographic opportunities.

Early morning safaris head out as the sun rises and as the bush stirs to life. The guide and tracker teams search for animals by tracking their spoor, and by listening for the tell-tale signs of activity.

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The bush has its own language, and it is fascinating to watch those who possess the tools to encode it.


Late afternoon safaris commence as the sun burns its way towards the horizon. The animals are now getting more active, many preparing for the great hunt after dark. After sundowners, the drive continues with the aid of powerful spotlights which reveal nocturnal species in another world.

On average, approximately 6 hours a day are spent out in the bush on safari.

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Guests can also enjoy interpretive guided bush walks offering the bird watcher, dendrologist, botanist and the nature enthusiast the ultimate bush experience.

Inyati’s professionally trained guides cater to guests’ preferences and fitness levels to create an wonderful wilderness walking experience.

Experience an up close and personal glimpse of the African bush on foot in the company of our expert guides and trackers, taking the time to observe the small wonders of the bush, from spiders and ant lions to dung beetles.

Regrettably, walking safaris are not suitable for children under 16 years of age.  Instead, Inyati offers a JUNIOR RANGERS PROGRAM.  Enquire for details.



Inyati offers fishing as an extra activity between game drive times. All fishing equipment is supplied by the Lodge.

Fishing is done in the Sand River and at the causeway. Guests’ safety is paramount, and they are always accompanied by an armed ranger or tracker.

There are over 37 species of fish in the Sand River – the most common ones being:

• Sharp tooth Catfish (Barbel)

• Mozambique Tlipia (Bream)

• Squeakers

• Tigerfish

• Small Mouth Yellowfish

• Mudfish

Apart from the relaxing aspect of fishing, it is a glorious way to be at one with the bush, listening to the chirping of the various bird species or the sounds of hippos in the distance.


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Inyati consists of eleven chalets.  Each air-conditioned chalet features an en-suite bathroom with twin hand basins, separate bath, shower and w.c.  The lodge accommodates 25 guests in total.






Inyati’s superbly positioned guest sitting and dining areas overlook the Sand River.  The verandah overlooks the riverine vegetation, which is the natural habitat of the elephant and hippo.  A combination of traditional South African and international dishes are always on the menu.Inyati-dinner.jpg


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The traditional Shangaan boma is used in the evenings, (weather permitting) and is a truly memorable way to experience a safari evening under the African night sky.  Enjoy fine cuisine and wines whilst seated around a warm crackling fire.

Bush Braai:  Experience a traditional South African braai (barbeque) under a blanket of stars in the heart of the bushveld.  The crackling fire, friendly conversation and delicious food add to the excitement of hearing a lion’s roar in the distance.

Boma:  A traditional African setting where unique delicacies are prepared on an open fire.  Enjoy the friendly company of your ranger while being entertained with bushveld stories and experiences.

The rhythmic beat of a traditional African dance will entertain guests while aromas of food being prepared on the open fire fill the night sky.



Other facilities available – the Warthog hollow bar, swimming pool, air- conditioned gym and walk-in wine cellar.

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