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Shamwari Wildlife
Shamwari Wildlife

The act of Selecting, Organising and Managing are the three major elements that form the nucleus in designing a Successful Travel Itinerary.  The travel experience is nurtured with human judgement vis-à-vis a server proxy.

Selecting:  Without the expert knowledge, this process can be the most time consuming for an individual, as it requires intense research that needs to be cross-referenced with several variables/services in the travel trade (within both the macro and micro environments).  The element of selecting is therefore one of the greatest hurdles, as life in the post-modern era conjures an inundated abundance of choice.

Organising:  Without any methodology of organisational skills, no harmony in the selected services can be directed or controlled.  Organising is synonymous with directing and having direct access to all suppliers and schedules at one’s fingertips.  The importance here is having the expertise of a travel manager to amend and foresee any challenges that the traveler may encounter.  Travel managers are there to assist and guide the traveler for unexpected contingency plans.

Managing:  Without the management of the afore-mentioned elements, the desired journey is incomplete.

Travel Curating (content specialist) fulfills this interwoven trajectory of precepts that make it invaluable for both the wallet and time factor for the traveler.  Most importantly is the human judgement that O’Live To Travel offers – your curator in the Art of Travel for Southern Africa and Greece .

Latin: curare (To take care of)

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