“Venus at a Mirror” We are but spectators of art, valuing and revaluing art and its composition, form, colour and space that it enfolds. With the given title, we are drawn into the ethereal dichotomy, taxonomy or could it be trichotomy between antiquity, social media and diversity (the perception of the Venus Figure vis-à-vis as…

The Protea

The Beauty of Symbolism The meaning of the Protea: Depending on the circumstances and gesture behind giving or receiving Protea’s can commonly represent four actions. Each powerful verb holds a strong representation that reflects closely towards the ‘human condition’ that the ancient Greeks so fondly interwove into their Literature, Theatre and Society. Diversify / Dare…


Ultimate Luxury accommodation, a paradise to discover in the heart of the Winelands.


Eat, Pray, Love, Sleep …. Food and Wine from garden to Table! Surrounded by vineyards and peach tree’s – Authentic Living


If you love dirt roads, sunsets, wine by candlelight, an owl outside your window, and don’t mind sharing the pool with the occasional disoriented frog, or getting a paw print of overzealous dogs on your trousers, you have found your place!


The exploration of Food & Wine when in South Africa. A Celebration of Life – creating memories

The Brinjal

Delicious Stuffed Brinjals prepared in half the time than Mousaka. Be creative, appropriate and fuse your own ingredients to indulge your taste buds

Green-spiration – To Cook

Inspiration can be powerful, especially when it derives from fashionably healthy ingredients. P.S. Travel for Inspiration, as food and culture go hand-in-hand