Greece … Summertime …

Why travel to Greece with O-Live To Travel? 

We are Local, we know Greece, the Culture, the Language, the Art, Architecture and Archaeology, the quality of Food and Olive Oil, the process thereof and the organic wines of the Mediterranean.  Furthermore, we are travel experts in luxury, authentic tailormade and specialised travel!

Greece is …

All about mouth-watering good Food, Traditional wine, Raki and Ouzo, fantastic beaches and sunsets that could range from the Ionic, Corinthian to Doric orders … leading into endless SUMMER nights!


When you travel with O-Live To Travel, you experience Greece the authentic way – avoiding the ‘scheduled’ tour brigade or tourist traps where necessary.  We believe that you cannot absorb Greece the scheduled way.


The hidden gems of each destination, that can’t be googled.


Moreover, we believe in Free Time.  Simply exploring with informative walking/driving maps or private, knowledgeable local guides, eating and drinking with locals, swimming, hiking, biking or trekking the ancient and modern paths, The Local Way.


Experience the beauty of her Temples and Churches (the foundations of European architecture and culture), Olive and Pistachio Groves, the authentic O-Live To Travel Way!


Keeping life’s experience’s Simple, Natural, in Comfort and striking Beauty as final toast!


O-Live To Travel specialises in Greece and Southern Africa – we believe your journey to these two continents require the expertise of it’s locals: In Travel, Food, Language and the fabric of it’s Culture, Art, Architecture, Archaeology and Folklore Traditions.

Ephesteus Temple

Athens, Delfi, Peloponnese, Thessaloniki and her Jewelled Greek Islands

Greece 2017 Excursion Cropped.jpg

The Best of Both Worlds

Tailormade Tours to Greece and Southern Africa

Luxury and Authentic

Your home away from home!

Enquire with your O-Live To Travel, Greek and Southern Africa Safari Travel Experts: Demetri, Maria

Final OLive Map


P.S.  Did you know?

“The Odyssey” is the second of the two epic poems attributed to the ancient Greek poet Homer (the first being “The Iliad”), generally it has been considered the second existing work of Western literature.  According to academics and ancient scripts, The Odyssey had been composed during the end of the 8th Century BCE and is also considered to be the sequel to the “The Iliad”.  It is widely recognized as one of the great stories ever told, influencing European literature and cinema.  The poem focuses on the Greek hero Odysseus (otherwise known as Ulysses by the Roman myths) and his long journey home to Ithaca following the fall of Troy.  Odysseus’s adventure-filled 10-year journey took him through the western islands of Greece (Ionian Islands) and the western mainland (Peloponnese) reaching as far away as Egypt, North Africa and back to the western Mediterranean, as he was prevented from going home due to the displeased sea-god Poseidon.

More about Homer and his first epic: The Iliad

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