The Franschhoek Boutique Hotel

Explore the Cape Winelands


A mélange of 12 individually-styled rooms.

The individually-decorated rooms include every luxury you could want, including heating and cooling aircons, double-volume showers, free-standing baths and your own personal wine cooler.

Each characterised by its own authentic luxury.


Leonardo Da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our Blanc room could not agree more! A result of experimenting with textures, shape, modern lighting, and of course – shades of white; this design provides a sleek and spacious comfort. 


Capturing the lush greenery of Franschhoek is our Palm room.  This suite is adorned with palm leaves that almost seamlessly spill into the mountains’ surroundings. Wake up to the picturesque views of the Franschhoek valley supported by the cornflower blue sky, right from the window of this sultry space. 


Inspired by the geometric influences of Aztecan design; our Aztec room is characterised by a monochromatic space accompanied by splashes of playfulness, from colourful goldfish on the scatter cushions, to geometric high gloss closets. This suite is genuinely a creative concept staying true to classic lines in modern design.  


Sapphires are cultivated from Alluvial sediment. Like these precious stones, this gem of a suite is a space that has been mined from eroded and reshaped ideas of design and cultivates a new culture of culture. With contemporary pieces, juxtaposed art forms and striking splashes of colour, our Sapphire room captures the attention of the vibrant spirited traveler. 


The Goddess Hestia – all hearths were her alters as she represented fire, home and architecture. Our Hestia room is comprised of an earthy palette contrasted by a vibrant pop of yellow. With simplistically sleek and monochromatic details, this room pays homage to Hestia, a space that celebrates Oikos (Greek for home) and is truly a place to call home, best enjoyed with loved ones. 


Bold and very charming – our Hennessey room exudes elegance with smooth leather finishes and contemporary lines, taking one back to the roaring ’20s. Finished with a feminine finesse, this luxury suite is reminiscent to a night by the blazing fire and a glass of Hennessey in hand. 


Our Fynbos room, Fynbos meaning ‘fine-leafed bush’, is inspired by the local flora that grows in abundance on the nearby Franschhoek mountains. Look forward to a natural, earthy botanical theme with protea pink highlights. The protea, perhaps the most well-known fynbos, is South Africa’s national flower and is beautiful to observe in full flower, mainly in our winter months. 


 ‘Usiku’ is a Swahili word meaning night or midnight. Step into a minimalistic space, bold in its dark simplicity and modern design. This room is perfect for the couple who enjoys a luxe and edgy style, and likes to unwind in elegance above all else. 


Escape to the tropics and feel like you’re travelling back in time, with our lush, richly decorated Fernery room. Patterns hint to a  bygone time, one of merchants, circus animals and exotic lands.



Africa’s mineral resource and mineral industry is the largest in the world, and our Mineral room nods to the treasure chest of minerals hidden below our rich orange soil. Steel and brassy tones, with pewter and turquoise, make up this indulgent room. 


“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” – Coco Chanel

Loosely inspired by the oh-so chic Coco Chanel, this room exudes a soft feminine elegance, with a pink, cream and grey palette with geometric details.


‘Ilali’ is the Swahili word for village. The circular wallpaper pattern represents a traditional African village, and touches of stone throughout the room and reminiscent of African landscapes. 


Breakfast/Lunch Menu

Providing you with a taste of Franschhoek, the seasonal breakfast and lunch menu offers delectable servings, each catering to a different palette. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for an alluring wine list to find the pairing of your choice!  

Amazing Specials valid till September 2021 – SA RESIDENTS


All images are credited to The Franschhoek Boutique Hotel

Franschhoek Boutique Hotel – Covid-19 TBCSA Compliance Certificate

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