26 September 2017
“Dear Demetri,
It was a pleasure to meet you personally during this wonderful trip and we would like to thank you for organising this fantastic experience. We really enjoyed.
Best regards
H & G”
21 September 2017
“Dear Khun Demetrios,

Sawasdee kha… How are you? I wish you are well.
I am back home with safe. Thank you very much for your kind take care me and our group. I am so much enjoy, happy, have a good time, good experience all the time in South Africa. You are so nice to good to take care.
We had such a good time and so much fun, enjoy.
27 November 2016
Dear Demetri,
Many strong and very good memories of South Africa in general and of you guys in particular remain. You put a lot into our stay there. And we dont just take that for granted. We really appreciated your hospitality! I am sure it was not the last time we visited your country!

I wish we could book the trip right away again… In the mean time we recommend O-Live To Travel to everybody here whos interested in also exploring South Africa and the neighbouring countries. I was already crazy about it with my mom when i talked to her on the phone this morning. With your professionalism.

Warm regards from foggy and cold Switzerland


18 January 2019

Demitri put together the most amazing holiday for us, everything was perfect! He spent the time creating a magical time for my husband and I. Thank you Demitri look forward to using your service again this year. 



[12/12, 23:09] Your dinner made for the perfect last night for a perfect vacation. ❤
As far as feedback goes, I can’t stress this enough: We had an amazing time, a vacation turned once-in-a-lifetime experience. A perfect mix of relaxation, adventure and discovery, and we felt well taken care of every single step of the way.