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The Art of Curating

The ability to Inform, Stimulate and Irradiate – most importantly to have a passion for Art & Travel.


The greatest question is ‘what is Art’?

It has been questioned in classrooms, art galleries, museums and even whilst shopping, as we are constantly surrounding and bombarded with so many objects, sounds… and things around us – whether it is in Nature, or self-constructed objects.

It is in this respect that Aesthetics, the philosophy of Art needs a greater amount of attention and nurturing, in order to justify even our own existence.

Challenging enough?

The journey to self-discovery or a path in understanding art is a momentous journey. Some say it is a mere luxury, whereas others see it as an innate expression as a part of being.

It does not lie within the elocution of expression, but rather how it can make you feel, as the former is yet another theory of ‘form’ within beauty.

It has been stated that beauty can be felt in a variety of ways, whether it is in a state of angst, loving, or by surprise.  Whereas the most powerful work of art could be – to leave you in a state of awe or simply speechless.

The Art of Curating can therefore be justified as part of each individuals journey whether it is in a functional or non-functional representation.  Even Plato did not consider painting to hold any importance, as he placed the carpenter on the very top-echelon, as his preference is functionality vis-á-vis representation or expression.

What we learn through studying art through the ages – allows for the awareness of ‘purpose’ when interpreting the world around us, the appreciation of art, and its reflection of the many facets of society.

Understanding the values that art holds can only fulfill our lives with a much greater sense of joy and harmony.   See article on ‘Beauty’ in Schiller & Kleist

By Demetrios Voulgarellis (BA Art History)

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Image Taken by ZEITZ MOCAA of myself viewing The Exhibition ’21 Years: Making Histories with South African Fashion Week’