Inspired by our guests on their recent trip to South Africa

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It is always such a pleasure to invite our guests for a traditional home-cooked South African dish.  Home cooking lends and bridges the cultural elements when gathered in a home-style environment – the South African Kitchen.  By introducing spices and weaving the personalities from International guests in the form of a recipe, personalises the celebration of savoring the taste-buds of newly-found friends and guests from afar.  It is the perfect way to conclude their journey to South Africa with heart’s desire.

BobotieThe recipe that O Live To Travel would like to share with our reader’s is one that was truly inspired by each and every guest that gathered on their last night in Cape Town. Myself, otherwise being known as Dimi the chef, and our guests being from Switzerland and Turkey gave it a further boost of exoticism.

I therefore decided to take the traditional South African Bobotie and transpired the ingredients with each guests ethnic background that not only welcomed the traditions of South Africa, but also fused elements of Swiss-French and Greco-Turkish cuisine – What a fabulous evening it was!

Sharing a home-cooked meal embraced the joy of being together, celebrating life with a meal of love and good South African wine to endure the sound of laughter on their last evening in Cape Town.

The Menu:

Entrée/relevé salad – Fruit and Baby Leaf Salad

Starter – Cape Malay Sushi Rolls

Main Course – Bobotie

Dessert – Melktert (excluded in the recipe below)

Dimis Bobotie – (click to view)

Our Guests from Switzerland and Turkey

By Demetrios Voulgarelli, owner of O-Live To Travel (Pty) Ltd.

© 2017  O’Live To Travel Pty Ltd

All rights reserved. E&OE.

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