GREEK SUMMER Quencher !!

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Vissino Glyko Koutaliou

Sour Cherry

Quenching the Greek Summer off a spoon!  Traditionally, Sour Cherry Spoon preserve Vissino Glyko Koutaliou” is served as a welcoming sweet on a spoon, accompanied with an ice-cold glass of water during the hot summer month’s!  For those of you who have had the privilege to be welcomed with this delightful gesture, most probably led you to clasping a jar from duty-free before boarding.


Nevertheless, the syrup of this heavenly fruit preserve can also be mixed with water, otherwise known as “Vissinada”Taking it to the next level would perfect a Greek dollop of yogurt or home-made ice-cream. More convincingly are the higher levels of vitamin C and beta carotene contained within the sour cherry preserve in comparison to the regular cherry, not to mention – the cheerful ‘less carbs’ factor.

cherry basket

Sugar Coated cherry
Sugar coated Cherries

cherries Drink

 Ingredients:  Sour Cherries, Lemon, Water, Sugar!

p.s.  Next time you’re in Greece, make sure to purchase a jar from one of the local traditional stores (avoiding flavourings and glucose), or if time permits try making it yourself.   Of course, there is the quick version, or good-old Yiayia’s (Granny’s) version.  The latter would have the boiled sour cherries sundried with sugar for a day.  The best time of the year to find sour cherries in Greece would be end of June or early July – Perfect timing for those long Summer drenched days.

By Demetrios Voulgarellis

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