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VISIT O’Live To Travel LESVOS 2017

Your Concierge to the North-East Aegean

The Eden of the East – Tailormade to your Lifestyle in our Second Playground!


The island of poetry and myth, from the 6th Century BCE poet – Sappho, to Stratis Myrivilis, Eftaliotis and Nobel laureate poet Odysseys Elytis and others.  Aristotle and Epicurus taught at a philosophical school on Lesvos.




14 – 18 Day Travel Programs

While Mum and Dad are out to play, a fantastic opportunity is available for the the youth (Age: 14-18 years of age) to attend a two week program combining academic excellence with cultural enrichment, an exclusive teaching faculty and a diverse student body, to provide participants with a unique and unforgettable summer experience.  The obective is to enhance students’ critical thinking skills by introducing them to subjects outside the traditional high school curriculum by enhancing the skills of youth towards independent, research-based methodologies.  

Enquire with O’Live To Travel for further details!

Several planned excursions (archaeology) and sport activities will be conducted in conjunction with two selected subjects  (a selection of 19 subjects ranging from Mathematics to Feminism in Cinema) to excursions conducted by wardens and educators of the highest caliber.  And of course, students will also be introduced to the Greek culture through daily seminars.

A very Special Beach Indeed:  Yes, these are Cattle that belong to the local Priest – Golden Sands
Fantastic Pebble Beaches
Birthplace to Sappho – Sandy Beach and a Nudist Paradise to the far right of the Beach

For the Individual or Family members, activities range from Olive Tastings to Hiking, or Biking through Olive Groves, Snorkeling the many coves, Sailing, Cooking classes to Food & Ouzo tastings, Thermal bathing in various baths throughout the island.  Day or overnight trips to nearby Turkey.


Short or Long Stay Tailor-made / Bespoke Tours 

Whether you are Newly Weds, Freshly In-Love, Re-kindling your Love’s Divine, or a FAB Group of Friends, then consider visiting Mytilene, Lesvos for an unforgettable Romance of Fresh produce ,Seafood, Golden Olive Oil etc. etc. on this ‘Eden’ Island of the North-East Aegean Sea.  

Where olive and pine tree’s welcome the soft ebb and flow of the gentle Aegean waters, lapping it’s soft touch from magnificent pebble beaches to golden sands.  A cove with just you and your loved one is easy to find.  Given that it is the third largest Greek island – the plethora of activities, sights and sounds are enough to keep you coming back for many more anniversaries to come.

Arranged picnics under Olive Trees to spontaneous Hikes in search of water fall ravines, Mountain Biking, or simply lazing with a good book  and cuddle the summer away whilst adding the Vitamin B’s golden glow to you and your loved one.

Enquire with O’Live To Travel for further details.  

2017 Summer Season in Greece is looking hot.

To Do:  Try a spa treatment with a difference in one of the Ancient Thermal baths.


Molyvos3 - Copy
‘Tuscany’ by the Sea?  – Nope: It’s Molyvos (Mithymna), situated on the north coast

CIMG5899Today, Byzantine architecture stand gracefully beside Turkish/Ottoman Hammam’s (thermal springs), Arabic and Roman water fountains to the well preserved traditional Olive Press Museums and Baroque / Neo-Classical architecture (mansions).

CIMG5580 International bird-watchers and ornithologists have been visiting the island of Lesvos for years, as the bird migrations from the North to South cross over this lush island of the East – boasting a recorded +/- 279 bird species.  The changing landscapes of pine-forests, waterfalls and over 11 milion olive trees, to arid-moon-like landscapes (due the intense volcanic activity in the area of the Northern Aegean 20 million years ago).  This combined with the majestic Roman aquaducts, Minarets and a myriad of Religious temples, churches and Monasteries – create a world of treasures in one island, the third largest Island in Greece, nestled in the North East Aegean Sea, a mere 1½ hour boat trip away from Ayvalik, Turkey – not far from ancient Ephesus, Izmir and Troy, or from Athens or Thessaloniki  with a 50 minute flight or by ferry from various ports. CIMG5785


The ideal getaway for Families, Lovers and Friends

Let O’Live To Travel plan and book your Journey to Our Playground in the Aegean, the Island of Lesvos, Mytilene.


Your concierge and Gateway between Africa and Greece

The youthful city of Mytilene has given a lively burst of energy to the island due to the well established University of the Aegean, located in the main city/port of the island.  The vibrant cafe’s and outdoor night clubs allow for the youthfulness inside us all to choose between the chilled Mediterranean beats to the Live Traditional village celebrations “Paniyiri” throughout the calendar year.

Lesvos Cafe

Today, the University of the Aegean, located in Mytilene, has given the city a youthful boost. Cafes are full of students at all hours of the day, and the nightlife has blossomed.  International bird-watchers flock to Lesvos to see the over 279 species of birds that have been recorded here.  The petrified forest on the island is one of the few in the world through Pleistocene epochs of fossil remains dating from 5.5 million years ago and villages dating back to the Bronze Age.


With invasions and occupations from the ancient Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Genoese, and Turks, the island provides the traveler through a journey of authentic Greek culture, archaeology, history, religion, and paleontology.



Most Importantly, ‘A Celebration of Life’ is the deal of each day – with fresh produce innately grown, produced and enjoyed on this agricultural ‘paradise’ Island.


Supporting the Love for Life and her Local communities!


Celebrate Life with O’Live To Travel


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