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Serendipity is a South African global winner of the 2016 World Luxury Restaurant Awards




Luxury Lakeside Guest House

A mosaic of ecosystems, it encompasses the world renowned Outeniqua Afromontane forests, the Cape Fold Mountains and Wilderness wetlands and waterbird conservancy with a variety of mountain catchment, Southern Cape indigenous forest and associated Fynbos areas.  These areas resemble a montage of landscapes and seascapes, from ocean to mountain areas, and are renowned for its diverse natural and cultural heritage resources.


Serendipity is cradled by the protected evergreen Outeniqua forests and the water bird sanctuary in the heart of the Garden Route which is situated on the banks of the Touw River and borders on to the Wilderness National Park.

The Guest House was built in 1998 with great attention to detail, behind security gates to ensure privacy to their guests. Secure basement parking is provided for house-guests. Serendipity is ensconced in a garden designed and developed by a professional landscape architect, planted with mature indigenous trees and shrubs and collectable forest lilies.



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Enjoy birdwatching and exploring the Wilderness National Park on numerous hiking trails in and around Wilderness or or by canoes along the Touw river.

Wilderness National Park

The park includes Afromontane forests, the Touw River Estuary and the Serpentine with its extensive reed beds and lakes, including beaches and its terrestrial landholding from the Touw River estuary (where Serendipity is situated) to the Swartvlei estuary.

Wilderness National Park (WNP) supports both globally and nationally significant populations of bird species and is considered the flagship birding destination in the Western Cape Garden Route. Wilderness is recognized as an Important Bird Area (IBA SA114) and is registered as a RAMSAR site.

The Lakes

The series of large saltwater lakes (Rondevlei, Langvlei and Island Lake – in an “East to West” order) are inter-connected by shallow channels and flood plains concluding with the Touw Estuary in the West where the Touw River meets sandy beaches and flows into the Indian Ocean. Rondevlei, Langvlei, Eilandvlei and Serpentine wetlands and Swartvlei forms part of an internationally proclaimed RAMSAR site and many feathered friends may be seen at the Rondevlei Bird Hide. Bird hides may also be found at Langvlei (the Malachite Kingfisher bird hide) and along the Touw River (the Gallinule Bird Hide).

Canoeing & Hiking

With Serendipity’s canoes guests may explore the waterways and deep forest inside the Wilderness National Park. And with Serendipity’s complimentary access permits guests can hike the famous Half-Collared Kingfisher Trail. But there are numerous trails in and around Wilderness to be explored.


Birding and exploring the Wilderness National Park does not end with hiking trails and canoeing available through Serendipity. Ample time should be spend driving along ‘Die Vleie Road’. In optimal conditions this is a waterfowl heaven, although many interesting terrestrial species can also be found along this road.

Serendipity can provide interested birders with printed media on birding in the Garden Route and even the Klein Karoo.

Half-Collared Kingfisher hiking trail

The trail is within walking distance of Serendipity. An immense wall of green punctured only by a human sized opening welcomes walkers into this cathedral of mature forest.

The most popular trail in the Wilderness region, it has many picnic points and lays nestled not more than 15 meters from the riverbank and may be accessed by canoe or foot, both promising a unique experience of this exquisite ecosystem. The trail crosses the Touw River by means of a pontoon to join the old Giant Kingfisher trail to the waterfall Trees are appropriately numbered to facilitate tree spotters in finding their favorite trees.

Mostly shaded by ancient giant trees, walkers can relax as they walk comfortably on the trail to its heart boasting a magnificent waterfall where, again, picnics may be had.

Many birds especially the well-known Half-collared and Giant Kingfisher, Knysna Turaco, Fish Eagle and Black-headed Oriole may be seen. Bushbuck is also known to make graceful appearances stunning walkers with their beauty.

Time duration: A three to three and a half hour linear route totaling 7 km to the end and back guarantees a benevolent experience.


Wilderness Beach in Walking Distance

Images and content credited and provided by Serendipity Wilderness Guest House


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