Greek Islands & Mainland


Greece, otherwise known as Hellas or Ellada to the locals.

A trip to Greece simply has to include at least one overnight in the capital city of Athens.  To understand the wealth in archaeology and history is to set foot on the acropolis, hear the wind whistle through the columns as you grasp the magnificence of art and culture.


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Home to the birth of western civilization, philosophy, the arts, wine-making and virgin olive oil.  The land where theatre became part of daily life for Athenians and athletes were crowned with olive wreaths in the country which gave birth to the Olympic games.

If you haven’t been to Greece, you have not understood the importance of the word ‘Kefi’, unless you watched ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ or ‘My Life in Ruins’ with Nia Vardalos as the Travel Agent and Tour guide until you experience a true Greek night out.  You haven’t had the chance to watch a Greek sunset with a glass of wine as Shirley Valentine did.  You have not experienced the blue waters where the Director Luc Besson filmed the gorgeous underwater photography and spectacular locations, shooting in the Greek islands that have made it a cult phenomenon.  The list could go on and on, until you manage to take the journey to this fantastic land of culture and heritage, breathtaking views and al fresco dining.  



A true celebration of life with a fantastic climate, ancient Greek Temples, Sculpture and Mediterranean cuisine.


The Greek Islands are the main characteristic of Greece’s morphology and an integral part of the country’s culture and tradition.  Greek sovereign land includes approximately 6,000 islands/islets throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas, of which only 166-227 islands are inhabited.



Mainland Greece

Greek Islands





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